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Welcome to Terang

Noted for its community spirit, Terang is a wonderful country town offering a friendly smile and a warm welcome. Situated in the heart of Victoria’s fertile Western District, Terang provides a fantastic lifestyle with a variety of recreation and leisure facilities.

In Terang, we cater for the needs of all age groups with an excellent retail shopping centre and a variety of service firms, manufacturers and small businesses.

Our community facilities are modern and supported by people from the surrounding district.

Terang’s environment is clean and healthy and features historic parks and gardens, and nearby waterways, bushland and coastline.

Our residents have a strong commitment to community affairs with many organisations contributing to the town’s development. There are a large number of groups serving all interests.

Terang has a historic atmosphere with a progressive attitude. Beneath the stately oaks, the granite war memorial and church steeples, is an active and prosperous community offering loyal, solid support.

With a population of 2288, Terang has a stable workforce and is firmly established as the service centre for the rich, rural area surrounding it.

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